September 10th, 2014

There is a new technology that is beginning to change the way people do business and it is called cloud computing. However, when planning to utilize cloud computing there may be some challenges to overcome. Cloud computing is an IT resource that allows its users to access storage, CPU, resources, memory, and software, via the Internet at anytime. Due to the cost of cloud computing it can be difficult to integrate. To combat the rising challenges with cloud computing grid computing has begun to surface.


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September 9th, 2014

This article talks about Cloud computing and how big it is in our world today. Buying, selling, sharing, and so forth. It is everywhere, including business. Cloud computing helps businesses manage their global reach from finances to logistics. They can use crowd sourcing and have employees be mobile around the world. The cloud is perfect for huge businesses. Cloud computing has changed many times through its history. It used to be called “hosting” and “application service providers”.

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Topic Cloud Trends
September 9th, 2014

New techniques to deliver the best customer experience through Gamification contact center game which increases the bond between customer and employee by engaging employees with customers by introducing reward systems which engage employee with customers which gives satisfaction to the customer and profit to the organisation. Gamification a new tool in industry.

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September 9th, 2014

ID-100247814Times have changed and so has the “secret” to success. Success no longer depends on the high quality of a product, stellar customer service, or even on overall customer satisfaction. Instead, today, it’s all about added value.

What defines added value, and how did the industry reach this juncture? After all, only a few years ago, a quality product and dedicated commitment to customer service could drive sales. Now those factors are not enough to be truly competitive. Today, the sales force must illustrate to customers the added value of the product.

In other words, agents must illustrate to customers how the product will increase their own productivity and their revenue.

Increased customer productivity

Sales representatives no longer just sell a product. They need to work with customers to learn what it is that customers need from suppliers. Suppliers can accept the feedback from agents, identify the needs, and then reorganize in order to meet these needs. Suppliers and manufacturers may need to create new standards, and they need to be committed to continuously re-evaluating and improving their product.

Sales reps need to have authorization to enter into agreements that cover the customers’ products, services, and added value expectations. An ideal plan would include a formalized agreement that is periodically reviewed and adjusted by both the suppliers and customers. For smaller businesses, a simple guarantee may be all that is necessary.

Needs of the customer

Meeting the immediate goals of customers is not enough. Quality management needs to focus on the needs of the customers as the current sale progresses. Checkpoints need to be implemented at each step to be sure that the needs of customers are met and that they are ultimately not just satisfied but overly satisfied with the experience.

Preferred customers

Select customers may choose to participate in partnerships with suppliers to share the risk and shared savings programs.

The basic premise of such programs would be that instead of customers paying transactional fees for services and goods, they would give the supplier a percentage of the savings. The supplier also assumes part of the responsibility if costs increase.

This arrangement motivates the supplier to improve the process for their customers in obtaining the materials, supplies and services that they require.

Sales representatives as business consultants

The new business model essentially turns sales representatives into business consultants. The new business/sales consultant works with customers to ensure satisfaction with services and products—and to monitor and improve customer productivity.

Representatives need tools they can work with so they can appropriately collaborate with customers and provide them with the necessary information to effectuate the plans. This requires back-up from suppliers in the form of personnel who can manage the administrative requirements of their customers.

Sales representatives as educators

Business customers are looking not only for products; they want their sales contacts to be knowledgeable about technical aspects of the goods and services. They want reps to have expertise on applications: to know how they work and to provide simple trouble-shooting solutions.

This puts the onus on sales representatives, who have now become business consultants, to add “educational research person” to their list of skills. They should be able to analyze problems and come up with possible solutions. When solutions are formalized, the representatives will then assist in implementing those solutions.

September 9th, 2014

thumbnailPHOENIX – Sept 8, 2014 – Channel Partners, a resource for indirect sales channels offering IT and telecom solutions, is pleased to announce that Matrix-IBS has been selected as a winner of the 2014 Cloudys Cloud Channel Innovation Awards.

Twenty-five winners were honored during an awards ceremony on Sept. 8 at Cloud Partners, a Channel Partners event, in New Orleans. These winners will be featured in a Channel Partners’ November/December print issue as well as a digital issue that can be downloaded from The Cloudys Immersion Center at The 2014 program was underwritten by Verizon.

“The response to the inaugural Channel Partners Cloudys awards has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Khali Henderson, Editor-in-Chief of Channel Partners. “This program rewards innovation across the cloud ecosystem and success in a world where traditional distinctions among developer, vendor, provider and partner blur.”

Matrix-IBS Metrolina Greenhouses has been selected as a 2014 winner of The Cloudys: Cloud Channel Innovation Awards for Most Innovative Cloud Customer Deployment.

To determine the winners of The Cloudys, companies completed an application that asked them to demonstrate how they are driving innovation in the cloud channel — either for their partners or for their business customers.

Channel Partners editors evaluated and scored all applications to determine the winners in five categories, including:

  • Most Innovative Cloud Service
  • Most Innovative Cloud Customer Deployment
  • Most Innovative Cloud Partner Business Model
  • Most Innovative Cloud Best Practice
  • Most Innovative Cloud Enablement Tool

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The company takes the onus of managing users, workstations, servers, connectivity and applications off of personnel and provides services in a “through and through” Citrix environment for virtualization as well as application and desktop publication.

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September 8th, 2014

This article is geared towards readers that are familiar with Data Management facilities and the technology used to store data. It urges the reader to take a step back and view how their machines can be more efficient by getting real time feedback from what they title as “Asset Intelligence”. This “Assent Intelligence” shows reports of how the machines are functioning in regards to power, heat and storage in regards to maintaining optimal usage.


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Topic General Tech
September 8th, 2014

As the Internet of Things expands—particularly in the area of wearable tech—its relevance for business models becomes ever more obvious. New ideas, new models, new colors, new shapes, and every aspect of design—no longer are these the sole domain of the marketer/producer. The Internet of Things allows consumers to design their own products, to give instant feedback, and ultimately to change to whole complex chain of marketing and design.


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Topic General Tech
September 5th, 2014

The concept of data can vary widely, depending on the business audience. Technology allows us to take in volumes of data that used to be unimaginable (we can now discuss data in perabytes, for example). However, too much data can be just as dangerous as not enough. Hence the importance of getting the right data in front of the right players.


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Topic General Tech
September 5th, 2014

The definition of customer’s experience depends very much on how a company extends itself to help the customers. The more outlets for support the better to serve the customer base. Call centers are one of the forefront and most important way; however, online chat rooms, emailing, support and help sites can also allows the customers more access to service. With all that said, agents during calls are a pivotal key in the customer’s experience. An agent that is willing to go the extra mile with a positive and cheerful attitude can make the customer extremely grateful and pleasant.


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September 4th, 2014

Cloud computing is hitting its stride as the most efficient way to disseminate data among players. Cloud-based computing is less expensive, more convenient, and often more secure to organizations of any size. However, companies must select whether they need software, platform or infrastructure as service when setting up their own private clouds.


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